INCLUSION Fintech Conference
We welcome fintech leaders and innovators around the world to define and redefine the next generation of fintech. Join us in Shanghai and reimagine an inclusive world that has infinite possibilities.
The development of financial technology has increasingly enabled financial inclusion, made life more convenience, and cities more pleasant. Looking to the future, technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, biometric identification, and distributed computing will coexist in the world. Fintech thus will become a deeply trusted connecting technology that breaks industry and geographic boundaries while bringing about more business value that is free and open. Speed up the digital economy to move forward into a new era of higher efficiency, greater transparency, and better coordinated cooperation, enabling more people globally to enjoy an open financial life. The forum primarily discusses the future world which will see the profound impact of fintech under the concept of inclusion. Accelerate the promotion of the scale, commercialization and ecology of fintech application. Jointly build the Internet of Value, jointly promote the new wave of the next generation fintech, and embrace a brighter future that is more inclusive, more transparent and more credibility.
Global Digital Economy
The world is welcoming a new digital era where technologies are changing how we buy and sell, receive and pay, and the ways people live, work and connect. All these have hidden possibilities waiting to be revolutionized through digitalization, making it easier to do business anywhere.
Digital EconomyInclusive FinanceSustainable development
Digital Finance
Over the past decade, with the development of financial technology, enterprises around the world have been working to further inclusiveness in the fields of payment, credit, financial management, insurance and so on. Looking to the future, how to make good use of the power of financial technology to achieve a better world.
Inclusive FinanceCredit EconomyFinancial model innovation
Innovative Technology
Technology endows businesses with new imagination: to bring more trust to the digital world, to make enterprises more cooperative, to make everything interconnected, and to make computing more intelligent and break through its limits. This forum will discuss cutting-edge technologies and their impact on business, life, and the world.
Computational IntelligenceInternet of EverythingData Security
Commerce & Urban Development
Finance provides momentum to the development of commerce and cities. The rise of financial technology has enabled consumers to obtain convenient, high-quality, online and offline services in all scenarios, and promoted urban employment and economic prosperity. This forum will discuss how fintech can be a powerful driver for business and urban development.
Smart cityDigital public services
Data Security & Protection
Data security and user rights protection is the prerequisite for the healthy development of the digital economy. In the digital economy era, business is increasingly driven by data, and data is a resource created by human beings and everyone's right. In this forum, participants will discuss the principles and practical experience of data security.
Digital economyData security
Talents & Research
Innovative Technology and Application come from frontier research, which cannot be separated from professional talents. In this forum, Ant Financial will jointly launch the "open plan of digital finance research" with four top universities in China, and publish the research results of digital finance accumulated in the past 15 years of Ant Financial, so as to open up resources for academic research, promote the development of China's digital finance theory.
Groundbreaking R&DResearch commercialization
Green & Sustainability
Over the past 3 years, innovations such as Alipay Ant Forest has attracted millions of people to participate in a low-carbon lifestyle, becoming a green and sustainable global example of digital technology. In this forum, participants will hear how technology plays a critical role in global low-carbon economy.
Green financeLow carbon
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